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Transportable concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:20/12/24

    Transportable concrete batching plant is also called as mobile concrete batching plant. As the environmental protection requirements become more and more stringent, the construction progress of the construction site is slow, and the construction conditions are poor. The mobile concrete batching plant that was popular is gradually accepted by the market. The comprehensive cost performance is higher than that of the traditional fixed concrete mixing plant.


    What are the advantages of the transportable concrete batching plant?

    1. The foundation of the mobile concrete batching plant is simple, and some series of mixing plants do not even need foundation and can be directly produced

    2. Easy to install. Under normal circumstances, the entire mobile concrete batching plant can be assembled from 1 to 3 for the first time, and it can be put into production basically in half a day.

    3. The power of the whole concrete batching plant is smaller than that of the fixed type, and the production cost is low.

    4. Convenient disassembly. Generally, two persons can complete the disassembly work in half an hour.

    5. Use and go, especially suitable for temporary construction sites, which can be disassembled at any time.

    6. The whole set of overall design, the structure is simple and reasonable, and the appearance is more atmospheric.

    7. The general transportable concrete batching plant only needs a tractor head to complete the special work. Especially the mobile concrete mixing plant has many types and strong special pages. It can be equipped with horizontal cement tanks and the whole set is low in height. The whole set of mixing station can realize production in a general workshop.