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Trailer concrete pumps for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:21/03/02

      Haomei trailer concrete pumps for sale cover capacities from 20m3/h to 120m3/h. The pumps are light in weight, easy to move and unique in design. Equipped with walking wheels, a trailer pump has convenient moving and positioning, stable operation, simple operation and long service life. The pumping efficiency of our trailer pumps is 10 times that of manual pumping, which helps to save time and labor costs, and improve labor productivity.

      In particular, our trailer concrete pumps for sale are featured by high stability, advanced configuration and outstanding cost efficiency. All parts and components of the pumps have passed the site assessment of over 100,000 square meters, including the core components of the motor, main pump, and main cylinder. To further enhance stability of a concrete pump, we adopt adaptive pumping control technology, reducing pipe blockage rate by 50%. Advanced configuration of our pumps are demonstrated in five aspects: imported Kawasaki main oil pump with strong power, integral molding hopper (no material accumulation), manual and automatic integrated hydraulic control lubrication, schneider or Omron electrical solutions, and dual-circuit hydraulic system which effectively enhances power and reduces oil temperatures. Our trailer mounted concrete pump helps you to save money in the following three points. First, the wearing parts are cost-effective, far surpassing competitors. Second, the adaptive pumping control technology helps to reduce the rate of pipe blockage of the drag pump by 50%. Third, the unique distribution oil circuit buffer technology ensures that the S tube swings in place and prolongs the service life of the S tube.