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Trailer concrete pump manufacturers in China

Writer:Admin   Time:21/04/06

      Famous big trailer concrete pump manufacturers in China include Zoomline, Sany etc, and Haomei Machinery is among smaller ones. Most products of Haomei are related to concrete, such as concrete pumps, concrete plants, concrete mixers, concrete pump trucks, concrete booms and so on.

      Compared to the big brands above, Haomei focus on concrete machinery rather than wider scopes. For example, Sany products include concrete machinery, excavating machinery, hoisting machinery, piling machinery, and road construction machinery, among which the trailer pump belongs to the concrete machinery. And Zoomlion is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of high-tech equipment such as construction machinery and agricultural machinery. Trailer concrete pumps belong to the construction machinery.

      Although wider product scopes indicate longer history and higher technology on the whole, they lead to bigger manufacturing and service costs as well. Take Sany for example. In China alone it has 6S centers in 31 provincial capitals, municipalities, and more than 200 secondary cities. And it has 169 sales branches, more than 2,000 service centers, and more than 7,500 technical service engineers abroad. This helps to serve its clients more efficiently but also in a more expensive way. A Haomei trailer pump of the same quality can be hundreds of cheaper.

      However, big trailer concrete pump manufacturers have their own overwhelming advantages, too. First, they are able to promote their brands quickly and take up the global market share first, thus they are well-known and you will be easy buying their pumps. Second, they provide service more efficiently because some have local service centers. Therefore, if your budget is sufficient, you might as well consider big brands. If not, you can consider smaller suppliers like Haomei.