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Assembly of cement silo support for concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/03/27

     When the concrete mixing plant is installed, the first part to be installed is the cement silo bracket.

    When the four brackets are furnished according to the pre-designed drawings, they should be fixed with foot bolts. In order to play a better fixed role, concrete is used to reinforce the four brackets, and the strength of the brackets is above C20, so that the strength of the brackets can reach the labor level.

    When using flaky cement bin, the installer will first use bolts to assemble flaky cement bin, which takes at least 1 to 2 working days. Therefore, it is recommended that customers can use the whole cement bin in order to install quickly, and the models below 50T can be loaded and shipped in containers. When the cement bin is assembled, the dust collector and the top of the cement bin should be connected by flange, then the guardrail and climbing ladder should be welded, and finally the M10 x 40 bolt should be used to connect the climbing ladder guardrail. Generally speaking, the climbing ladder guardrail is not an integral structure and can be connected by galvanized pipe. The installation of the level gauge will screw the level gauge with the level gauge cover in the upper and lower limit rib holes respectively, and connect the connection to the junction box.

    After the main body splicing of the cement bin is completed, the cement bin can be hoisted. 30T crane is enough to complete the hoisting of the cement bin. When hoisting, the following screw conveyor and the universal joint should be taken into account. Therefore, the accuracy requirement is very high. It can be detected by theodolite, and the error is less than one thousandth. Tighten all bolts left and right to link the feeding pipe with the bin feeding pipe.