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The operation steps of concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:19/03/27

     The concrete mixer can be used independently or as the main engine of the concrete batching plants. Do you know how to operate it correctly in these two cases?

    What should be done if the whole concrete mixer needs to be fully automated?

    Open the control panel of the concrete mixer machine, we can see a lot of buttons. Here is the control system of the concrete mixer, and all our operations will be carried out here.

    1. Switch the function switch on the pillar to the automatic gear and press the start switch. In this way, the whole process can run automatically. Keep in mind: first adjust to the automatic, then turn on the power supply.

    2. If you need to stop halfway, press stop first and wait for the cement mixer machine to stop; when we need to run, just open the restart button.

    3. When the start button is pressed, the display screen displays time, slow speed, sand adding, fast and stop.

    4. When the work is finished, the gear needs to be restored to manual mode, and then the power switch is cut off.

    Above is the correct use method and steps of concrete mixers. Customers must strictly follow this operation procedure when operating, which is simple and convenient, and also allows the concrete mixer to run smoothly.

    What should we pay attention to if we need to use concrete mixer as mixing host in construction cement batching plant?

    In the concrete batching plant, the cables of the control system are connected with the control room. At the beginning of the construction of the batching plant machine, the engineer will complete the debugging task. In the working process, all the equipments including the JS mseries concrete mixer machine are completed under the mobilization of the control system. Maintenance personnel should pay attention to the lubricant filling, equipment wear record and cleaning work at the end of the work.