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Installation acceptance standard for concrete mix plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/01

     After the concrete mix plant is installed, it is necessary to meet the acceptance criteria in order to ensure the safe production. Then, what is the acceptance standard for installation of commercia concrete mixing plant?

    1. The main mixing machine of concrete mixing station should be installed on the flat and hard floor, supported by wooden square or support frame, and kept level. It is not allowed to replace the support with tyres. The tyres should be unloaded for a long time (usually more than 3 months) and kept properly. The axle end should be cleaned and rust-proof.

    2. The fixed concrete mixer of concrete mix plant should be installed on a solid platform. If it is used for a long time, the anchor bolts should be embedded. If it is used for a short time, the wooden pillow should be laid under the mixer and leveled.

    3. The concrete batching plants should set up "one machine, one gate, one leak box" for the cement mixer in the main engine. The parameters of leakage protector are 30MA * 0.1S, and the insulation resistance value of motor should be greater than 0.5M. The zero line of protection should be no less than two, and the instrument and indication signal of the operating platform should be accurate and reliable.

    4. The transmission mechanism, working device, clutch and brake of concrete mixing station should be tightened, flexible and reliable, and the protective cover is complete.

    5. For concrete mixers that need to dig hopper pits, the surrounding pits should be tampered with cushions. The bottom end of the feeding track frame should also be tampered or the back of the brick paving frame should be supported with wood to prevent long working hours and track deformation.

    6. The steel wire rope of the concrete mixer used in the modular concrete mixing plant shall not be scrapped such as rust, wire breakage and flattening.

    7. The safety hook on the body of concrete mix plant should be in good condition. When the hopper rises, the safety hook should be attached.

    8. Concrete mixer should be protected by rain shed, no mud around the concrete mixing machine, clean and tidy, with all kinds of signs.