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Composition and structure instruction of HZS60 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/04/04

     HZS60 concrete batching plant is a new type of concrete mixing equipment, which has the leading level at home and abroad.

    I. Composition and Structure of HZS60 concrete batching plant

    1. Mixing machine

    The main machine of HZS60 concrete batching plant adopts JS1000 type forced double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, whose function is to mix concrete and other materials.

    2. Aggregate Batching Station

    The modular structure of the silo, which is measured separately, consists of storage silo, frame, measuring hopper, belt conveyor and other components. The sand moisture content measuring instrument is selected and matched by users. The stones and sand are metered and proportioned, and the proportioned material is conveyed to the belt conveyor.

    3. Aggregate Belt Conveyor

    The modular structure is composed of frame, leg, active drum, driven drum, flat belt, tensioning device, sweeper, belt cover and upper and lower idlers. The frame is designed as the standard of every six or five meters, which is convenient for manufacture, transportation and installation. The belt uses ring belt. The material conveyed by the belt conveyor is conveyed to the waiting bin at the upper part of the concrete mixer.

    4. powder silos

    The silo is divided into 100 tons and 200 tons of capacity. It is composed of silo body, leg, ash inlet pipe, dust collector, arch breaking device, level gauge and climbing ladder. The outer diameter of 100 tons silo is within three meters, so that it can be transported easily and 200 tons silo can be manufactured on site. It is used to store cement and fly ash.

    5. Screw Conveyor

    HZS60 concrete batching plant is divided into cement screw machine and fly ash screw machine. The productivity is 85 t/h and 60 t/h, respectively. It is used to transport cement and fly ash to their measuring buckets.

    6. Measurement System

    The metering system is installed on the top of the cement mixer in the main mixing building, including cement metering, fly ash metering, water metering and liquid admixture metering. The metering methods are separate metering.

    Characteristics of this concrete mixing plant:

    1. Modular design, high degree of specialization, easy installation and debugging;

    2. The hopper adopts non-sticking sand and rapid unloading technology, fully enclosed feeding, environmental protection and pollution-free;

    3. Centralized controller and negative pressure pulse back-blowing dust collector are convenient for direct control and realize environmental protection dust removal of cement bin.

    4. The control system is easy to operate and stable. It has many functions such as replenishing scale, buckling scale, continuous production, intelligent alarm and so on.