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Automatic concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:20/11/20

    Although the automatic concrete batching plant has achieved rapid development in recent years, its reliability, safety, environmental protection and humanization still have some shortcomings. In the era of "Internet +", people have put forward higher requirements for the intelligence of concrete mixing plants. Therefore, Haomei concrete mixing plants will surely develop further in terms of intelligence, environmental protection, efficiency and reliability.


    1, The degree of intelligence is getting higher and higher

    Driven by the "Internet +", the concrete mixing plant needs to establish a complete ERP management system, GPS dispatching system, and mixing plant control system integration. By opening the online function of the concrete mixing plant products, the product data can be uploaded to realize remote control, fault diagnosis, program upgrades, maintenance, etc. of the concrete mixing plant.


    2, Continuous development of environmental protection technology

    Environmental protection technology has always been one of the core technologies of concrete mixing plants, and it is also an important factor affecting product performance. In the future, more environmental protection technologies will be widely used in concrete batching plant, such as combined dust removal technology, residual concrete and wastewater recycling technology, waterproof and oil-proof dust cloth technology, intelligent pulse dust removal technology and intelligent control spray dust reduction technology Technology etc.


    3, Wide application of energy-saving technology

    Energy saving is an important indicator of the environmental protection of automatic concrete batching plant. In the future, frequency conversion energy saving technology will gradually expand from screw conveyors to belt conveyors, and even to the motors of the main mixer. At the same time, more energy-saving new materials, new technologies, new processes, new energy, etc. will also be gradually applied to concrete mixing plants.


    4, Continuous improvement of production efficiency

    As people continue to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing plants with high efficiency will continue to emerge. With the continuous improvement of the mixer design and the wide application of the double intermediate storage technology, the production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant in the future will be further improved.


    5, More suitable for concrete development

    In the future, high-performance concrete with obvious advantages in construction and economic performance will become the trend of market development. Therefore, automatic concrete batching plant equipment needs to meet the needs of concrete development. Only by mastering the new technology and formula of concrete production and preparation, designers can effectively guide the technology upgrade of concrete mixing plant, continuously improve the quality of concrete production and reduce production costs.


    6, The modular design trend is obvious

    Based on the relative independence of the main key components of the concrete mixing plant and the characteristics of diversified customer needs, in order to improve the design efficiency of the concrete mixing plant and the reliability of the product, the trend of modular design will be more obvious. When designing the overall and key components of a specific concrete mixing plant, suitable key components can be selected for modular "assembled" design according to the individual needs of customers.