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Batching plant ready mix concrete

Writer:Admin   Time:20/11/13

    The batching plant ready mix equipment adopts double-horizontal shaft forced continuous mixing host and reducer gear transmission. The whole set of ready mix concrete batching plant equipment only needs one operator, productivity 90-240m3/h, microcomputer batching control system, simple operation, convenient maintenance, automation and batching High precision. The concrete mixing plant is mainly suitable for the construction of high-grade highways, urban roads, squares and airports.


     When we actually applied the batching plant ready mix, due to various reasons, the output of the concrete mixing plant was still relatively low, which would affect our project progress. So how can we ensure the production capacity of the concrete mixing plant without affecting the progress of the project?


    You must choose good quality ready mix concrete plant equipment, because whether it is a large or small concrete mixing plant, the factor that affects the concrete output is the quality of the concrete mixing plant. The entire concrete mixing plant system is composed of a mixing part, a storage part and other parts. Any problem in any link in these structures will affect the production of the concrete mixing plant. If the operator does not operate properly, it may also cause the failure of the batching plant ready mix, which will affect the normal production of concrete output.