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Concrete batching plant ready mix

Writer:Admin   Time:20/11/04

    Concrete batching plant ready mix can be selected with or without cement silos, that depends on the customers requirements. How to choose the number of cement tanks in the ready mix concrete batching plant?
    batching plant ready mix
    In fact, I feel that the number of cement silos used in concrete mixing plants is never fixed. The number of cement silos is generally four according to the needs of the concrete batching plant, which is less than two, one for cement and the other for fly ash. Small batching plant ready mix generally use two cement tanks, which can be 50T or 100T. But sometimes multiple cement silos are needed. If the production line of the concrete batching plant is far away from the cement manufacturer, the freight cost is high and the transportation time is long, then there must be a sufficient amount of cement powder reserves, and several cement tanks need to be prepared. Generally speaking, several kinds of powders are needed in the production of commercial concrete batching plant, such as cement, fly ash, slag, etc., then at least several cement tanks are needed, and then one or more of them according to the specific situation Set up several silos for powder to ensure supply.

    All in all, when choosing cement silos for your batching plant ready mix production line, you should first calculate all the materials and choose in a planned way!