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Concrete batching plant 2 cubic meter

Writer:Admin   Time:20/10/26

    The concrete batching plant 2 cubic meter is what we often say is the mixing plant with two cubic concrete mixer, also known as HZS120 concrete plant. The HZS120 concrete batching plant is a commercial mixing plant, commonly used models for enterprises and large-scale construction projects, how much does it cost to purchase a set of 2 cubic meter concrete mixing plants?


    Concrete batching plant 2 cubic meter adopts JS2000 concrete mixer, batching machine adopts PLD 3200. The 100-ton cement silo can be actually arranged according to the manufacturer’s suggestion, and the more economical choice is 50 tons. The configuration amount is selected according to the distance of the cement plant. The typical cement silo is equipped with 4 One, 4 screw conveyors, complete weighing device, centralized control system. The management table of HZS120 concrete batching plant has four instruments, one aggregate, one powder, one water, one additive, ten sensors and one supporting signal line, one printer, one specific production software, one B 2000 system.


    The concrete batching plant 2 cubic meter produced by Haomei Machinery has excellent performance. The main machine adopts double-horizontal shaft forced mixer, and the shaft-mounted reducer transmission mode is adopted to reduce the vibration and noise of the main machine. The lining and blades of the mixing tank are made of wear-resistant and gold materials to ensure the wear resistance and impact resistance of the bushing and blades. The stirring arm is arranged reasonably, the stirring arm forms a spiral belt shape, the stirring performance is strong, the stirring is uniform and fast, and the production efficiency is high.