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Batching Plant Dry Mix

Writer:Admin   Time:21/09/17

    The concrete batching plant can be used for dry and wet mixing. The wet mix type is to wet the material through the seepage of water, and the batching plant dry mix type does not add the water and perform the dry mixing. The production method and production efficiency of concrete batching plant dry mix have been greatly improved.

    batching plant dry mix

    Nowadays, most of the concrete batching plant dry mix manufacturers are small and medium-sized, and the production technology is still in the stage of gradual maturity. The product quality of the concrete batching plant models is even more uneven. There may be a considerable number of batching plant manufacturers planning how to make money, and few can make customers needs and services are well considered. Haomei Machinery is in the mixing industry for decades of years, and strives to do a good job in product introduction, quality and technical guidance for our customers.

    Dry mix concrete batching plant is a special purpose concrete batching plant, mainly used for projects that do not require high concrete quality and are far away. Unlike the common wet mix concrete batching plant, the dry mix concrete batching plant is not add water to the central mixer, and water is mixed by a concrete mixer truck during transportation. When the dry concrete batching plant is working, each system sends the weighed aggregate, cement, fly ash, etc. into the mixer hopper, and then loads the materials into the transportation tanker for water and other additives, the transit mixer controls the rotation of the tank at a speed of at least 70 revolutions per minute to achieve the purpose of mixing.

    The batching plant dry mix type is very suitable for area has little rain all year round, the weather is hot, the temperature is high, and the level of industrial technology is average, so most concrete mixing plants use dry mixing methods to prepare concrete. Dry concrete mixing technology does not go through the mixing system and mixing process of "wet" concrete mixing plants. All are completed in the mixing barrel of the mixer truck, which has the characteristics of low cost, easy installation, easy use, high production efficiency, economic saving, and strong versatility.