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The Role of Batching Plant Cement Silo

Writer:Admin   Time:21/09/13

    The batching plant cement silo in the concrete mixing plant is the powder storage and supply system. The cement silo is mainly composed of the silo body, the bracket, the dust collector on the roof, the arch breaking system, the discharge gate, the level gauge and the climbing ladder.

     batching plant cement silo

    This is the cement silo that everyone often talks about. The batching plant cement silo is used to store powder materials. Generally, 2-4 cement silos are selected according to the actual situation of the user. The silo body is equipped with upper and lower material level indicators, and one is located in the cylinder of the silo body. The top part of the part is set to the upper limit state, full material action; the other is at the bottom of the cylindrical part, set to the lower limit state, empty material action, the user can judge the cement material full or empty according to the indicator light. The cement silo plays an important position in the concrete batching plant, and now our cement silo is equipped with an environmentally friendly dust removal system.


    Haomei Machinery batching plant cement silos can be customized for customers. Common specifications of cement silos in concrete batching plant include 60 tons of cement silos, 100 tons of cement silos, 150 tons of cement silos, 500 tons of cement silos, etc., which are used in the storage of bulk cement in concrete mixing plants. The main cement silos products of Haomei Machinery are vertical cement silos, horizontal cement silos, split cement silos, bulk cement silos, with a complete and scientific quality management system, and friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.