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Concrete Pump Trailer For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:21/09/06

    Concrete pump trailer for sale is used in construction, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. The concrete pump trailer is an ideal equipment for conveying fine stone concrete in construction. The performance is more stable, the work is more reliable, and it can meet the needs of users in road and building construction.

    concrete pump trailer for sale

    Haomei Machinery is a manufacturer of concrete pump trailer for sale, the performance advantages of Haomei HBT series trailer concrete pump are:
    1, Work safety. The concrete pump offered by Haomei Machinery is safe when operation and working.
    2, The trailer concrete pump has strong adaptability to the construction industry and wide operation planning. The concrete transportation pipeline can be laid to other hard-to-reach places, and the concrete can be filled and poured in place under a certain pressure. Concrete pumps can also be used in series to increase large output distance to meet the needs of construction;
    3, There is little interference with other construction machinery, good durability and long-term maintenance of the concrete pump is also possible;
    4, High degree of mechanization, less labor required, simple construction organization, high compressive strength, the compressive strength of concrete is generally 20-40Mpa, and some can be as high as 80-120Mpa, suitable for planning materials;
    5, The concrete pump trailer for sale and the casting operation are carried out continuously, the construction efficiency is high, the operation progresses quickly, and the workability with the steel bar is good. The thermal expansion coefficient of the concrete is close to the steel bar, and the force characteristics can be complementary, and the bonding force with the steel bar is better, can be made into reinforced concrete, expand the application plan;
    6, The pumping process requires more severe concrete quality. It can also be said that pumping is an inspection of concrete quality. And because pumping is continuous, the concrete is not easy to segregate during pumping, and the concrete slump is not large, so Simply guarantee the quality of the project.