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How much to build a concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/12/04

     The capital to build a concrete batching plant is not a fixed number. It is determined by many factors, such as customer demand, site and so on. It is mainly determined by the following factors:

    1.scale. How many large-scale concrete mixing stations, site area, several concrete mixing machines, basic equipment and other construction are all factors affecting the price. Customers need to purchase according to their specific needs when choosing and purchasing.

    2. production capacity. The price of concrete batching plant with different production capacity is also different. The expected production capacity of concrete mixing station is different, and the amount of investment is also different. If the planned production capacity is relatively large, it requires that the number of batching plant equipment and raw materials in the concrete mixing station meet certain requirements, which will increase the investment of the whole project.

    3. process design. The higher the technical level, the lower the production cost, and the lower the concrete batching plant price. This requires customers to choose large brands, high-quality batching plant manufacturers, and after-sales service is guaranteed.

    4. manufacturers. Some small producers can not afford the production costs, and the technical level is not enough, they will reduce some equipment construction, or jerry-building, which greatly reduces the cost, but also can not guarantee safe production. And the professional batching plant manufacturers have higher quality requirements, and to a certain extent, the price will be higher than that of the small manufacturers with poor qualifications.