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Model and price analysis of small concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/12/04

     HZS25 concrete batching plant, HZS35 concrete batching plant, HZS50 concrete batching plant and HZS60 concrete batching plant are small concrete batching plant (which can be constructed for use in rural areas). The concrete batching plant price is varies with the type of the equipments, which differs from tens of thousands to hundreds . Specifically, according to the different needs of customers, the batch plant cost is also different.

    This kind of small concrete batching plant not only has high working efficiency, but also has low investment cost. And its output ratio is just enough.

    Small concrete batching plant is mainly composed of cement bin (cement tank), screw conveyor, PLD concrete mixer, double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, computer control and metering system, etc. It occupies small space, uses less equipment, maintains easily, and can be equipped with independent control room of performance, which makes the operation of equipment convenient and safe. High quality and high efficiency concrete can be produced under the condition of accurate measurement of batching machine.

    Take HZS35 ready mixed concrete mixing plant as an example to explain:

    This ready mixed concrete mixing plant consists of js750 main engine, main steel structure outer closed structure, pld1200 two to four warehouse batching machine (belt material), screw conveyor, cement warehouse, main station dust removal system, control system and various weighing systems. It has a large production capacity of 35 square meters per hour (35m/h), which can meet the needs of small businesses. The production demand of concrete mixing station can meet the demand of concrete production and sales of small-scale projects.

    Purchase of small concrete mixing plant HZS35 alone, the market price is about 10-200,000. Pre-employment, land planning, transportation vehicles and post-construction need about 1 million.