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How to classify the concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/06/17

     Cement construction concrete batching plant is a combined device for mixing concrete, also known as concrete factory. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation and high productivity, it is often used in highway pavement and bridge engineering, large and medium-sized water conservancy and power engineering, construction and concrete products factories with large volume of concrete projects, long construction period and concentrated construction. Use and classification of cement batching plant:

    (1) According to the technological layout, there are two kinds of single-step gravel, sand and cement, which are single-step and double-step. They are lifted to the storage hopper of the high-rise concrete mixing station at one time, and then weighed until the finished material is mixed. The vertical production process system is formed by the falling weight of the material. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low power consumption, high mechanization and automation, compact layout and small area occupied, but its equipment is more complex and capital investment is large. So it is often used in large permanent concrete mixing station. Double-step crushed stone, sand and cement materials are lifted twice, once to the hopper. After weighing, the material is lifted twice and unloaded into the mixer. Its technological process. It has the advantages of simple equipment, less investment and fast construction, but its mechanization and automation are low, occupying a large area and consuming more power. Therefore, it is mainly used in small and medium-sized concrete mixing stations.

    (2) There are two types of devices: fixed type and mobile batching plant type. The former is suitable for permanent mixing station, while the latter is suitable for construction site.