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Why the quotation of concrete mixer is different

Writer:Admin   Time:19/06/12

     With the rapid development of modernization, the demand for concrete is increasing and the use of concrete mixers is becoming more and more widespread. But the quotation of concrete mixers is different. Why? Let's get to know it together.

    The quality of concrete mixer machine is the main factor that decides its price, so when consumers buy concrete mixer, they should not only pay attention to the low price equipment, but also the quality is the precondition to ensure the good operation of concrete mixer.

    Steel is the skeleton of concrete mixer, especially the special steel quantity of wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting mixer, which directly determines the concrete mixer quote. 90% of a set of cement mixer is steel, and a small increase in steel price will affect its ex-factory price.

    Automatic concrete mixer prices  concrete mixer is much more expensive than ordinary concrete mixing equipment. Generally, the more manpower is consumed, the cheaper the machinery is. Considering the long-term goal, full-automatic concrete mixing equipment will be more avalanche and benefit.