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What is the vulnerable parts of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/06/11

     We all know the main configuration of concrete mixing plant, It includes horizontal twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, cement silo and screw conveyor, belt conveyor or skip hopper, and control room. It can produce a variety of concretes, such as plastic, dry hard concrete with high production efficiency, short mixing time, and easy operation.of course, some parts of concrete equipment is easily damaged. So what if this happens?

    1. Mixing blade and liner. The materials of mixing blade and liner are generally wear-resistant cast iron. When replacing, the fittings need to be replaced according to the specifications.

    2. Conveyor belt. Because of the bad load and use conditions, the conveyor belt is easy to aging or breakage. If it affects the production, it needs to be replaced in time.

    3. Sealing strip of unloading door of main engine. The wear of the sealing strip of the main unloading door of the concrete mixing station causes the unloading door to move up. Assuming that adjusting the position of unloading door can not press the seal tightly, and can not deal with leakage problems such as slurry leakage, it shows that the seal is worn seriously, and it is necessary to replace it.

    4. The filter element in the dust collector of powder pipe. After cleaning the filter element, the function of dust removal is still not good, so it is necessary to replace the filter element of the dust collector.

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