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Operation and debugging instructions of PLD batching machine

Writer:Admin   Time:19/06/04

     PLD batching machine is a front-end automatic batching equipment used with concrete mixer machine. It can automatically batch three or six kinds of materials, such as sand, stone and cement, according to the self-defined concrete mixing ratio. What should be debugged before using PLD batching machine?

    After the installation and empty operation experiments of PLD batching machine are completed, the hoppers can be fed, and the discharge gates of the ports of cement bin and screw conveyor can be opened for debugging.

    1. Start up: Start up according to the requirements of the ingredient control instrument instruction.

    2. Material value setting: input the setting values of sand, stone and cement according to the requirements of the specification. If one of the materials does not participate in the proportion, the setting values must be set to zero.

    3. Definition of drop value: For example, when the weight of the hopper reaches the set value in the proportioning process of PL1600 proportioner, the feeding belt will stop automatically, but at this time there are still some materials falling into the batch plant hopper from the air, and the weight of this part of the material is the drop. In order to ensure the accuracy of batching, the material drop must be corrected. The way to fix the drop value is different for different root batching controllers. Most of the models are self-correcting and do not need manual operation by customers.

    4. Operation of batching process: Before entering the batching process, the PL1600 batching machine connects the main power supply and the power supply of the batching controller, and starts the batching controller. After starting up normally, the automatic batching can be realized by pressing the batching or starting button. When the ingredient of PL1600 batching machine is finished, press the discharging button, and the prepared material can be fed into the hopper of cement mixer.