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How to disassemble concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/11/09

     First, to understand the composition of concrete mixing plant.

    Ingredient feeding system: hopper, speed regulating frequency measuring belt conveyor and belt conveyor. Cement material supply system: cement bin (cement hopper), variable speed and frequency metering impeller feeder, screw electronic weighing conveyor. Automatic water supply system: pressure tank, submersible pump, pipeline, stabilized soil mixing water stable batching plant water flowmeter, sprinkler. Mixing system: motor reducer and double horizontal shaft continuous concrete mixer. Storage bin system: Double unloading storage bin, oblique belt conveyor, air compressor. Electrical system: operation control cabinet, operating room.

    How to disassemble concrete mixing plant?

    The concrete mixing plant is demolished with electric wrench and 20t truck crane; the cement and fly ash pipelines are demolished; the five storehouses batching machine and belt conveyor are demolished; the three screw conveyors are demolished; the cement tank and fly ash tank are demolished; the dust collector on the top of the tank and the conveying pipeline on the top of the tank are demolished with 60 t truck crane. The roof is connected with the walkway board; the cement tank and the fly ash tank are removed and hoisted on the ground cushion by 60 t truck crane respectively; the three tank supports are removed by 60 t truck crane respectively, and the concrete mixing and hoisting are disintegrated by 25 t truck crane on the ground; the hopper, aggregate weighing device and the station are dismantled and the powder weighing is dismantled. The device, water weighing device, concrete mixing admixture weighing device and 25T truck crane are used to dismantle; two mixers are dismantled and 20t truck crane is used to dismantle; the platform of mixing layer is dismantled by dismantling hopper, and the lower column of main mixer is dismantled.