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How many square concrete can HZS90 batch plant produce per hour

Writer:Admin   Time:18/11/07

     The theoretical productivity of HZS90 batch plant is 90 square concrete per hour. However, due to various factors, the actual productivity of HZS90 concrete batching plant can not reach the theoretical value. The actual output of one hour can produce about 70 square meters of concrete.

    This batch plant has a high degree of automation. It can realize automatic control of the proportioning, weighing, feeding, water supply, mixing and discharging processes. It is simple and convenient to operate. Whether it is the weighing of aggregate, powder, admixture or water, high-precision sensors are used to ensure accurate measurement, and the work performance is stable. It is absolutely the best choice for the vast number of users to adopt the combined structure, easy to install and move, and low cost equipment.

    The theoretical productivity of HZS90 concrete mixing station is 90 m/h, which is also called 1.5 square batching plant. The total power of the batching plant is 165.5 kw. It is an commercial concrete mixign plant equipment which is simplified by combining the advantages of mixing building and mixing station with advanced technology. The series of construction cement batching plant save money to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring engineering efficiency. And the equipment has high reliability, easy removal, good mixing effect, high production efficiency, safe and reliable system, easy maintenance, and is widely used in various engineering construction.