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The site arrangement of concrete batch mix plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/11/06

     When choosing the concrete batch mix plant site, we should ensure that the distance between the site and the stone yard and the sand factory is close, and ensure that the water source is sufficient and far from the residential areas. If the hillside topography can be fully utilized and the material yard is set on the higher ground of the hillside, the feeding height of the batching machine can be reduced, so that the loading viewpoint of the loader is small or does not need to climb, which not only saves energy, but also reduces wear and tear. Attention should be paid to ground and underground optical cables, power supply or communication cables when equipment is installed.

    The selection of aggregate supply method is best to choose loader supplies.

    If the concrete plant is used in highway construction (short construction period and frequent moving), the fast-loading and modular concrete mixing plant should be selected.

    For the selection of belt conveyor for aggregate transportation, if the site is wide, the conveying method of flat belt conveyor with small inclination angle (18 degrees) should be preferred (in order to reduce the cost of equipment acquisition, the method of hoisting hopper can also be used). If the site area is limited, we can think about the large inclination (usually 40 ~50) side belt conveyor (with additional belt structure, it can reach 90). But in the wet environment of sand and gravel, the belt conveyor with large inclination has the defect of sticking sand. When the belt returns, the sand falling under the belt is serious. The utilization coefficient of sand should be considered in the proportion of product concrete.

    The aggregate batching machine (scale) chooses an intact product concrete mixing station aggregate scale for cumulative measurement of 1 scale, alone measurement of 2 to 4 scales. To ensure that each aggregate has enough storage capacity, each aggregate can be made into 2 scale ingredients.

    If the construction request is low, two aggregate accumulative metering machines should be selected; if the project has special requests, three or four aggregate scales accumulative metering machines must be selected, or even each aggregate independently metering machine.

    The selection of other scales can be determined according to the needs of equipments such as cement scales, fly ash scales, powder admixture scales (supplied by screw machine), water scales and liquid admixture scales (1-2).

    Inspection instruments, such as sand water content inspector, can be adjusted on-line actively according to the different water content of sand under the control of computer. The use of slump tester can be used to investigate the uniformity of product concrete.

    Customers can choose reasonable batching plant equipment according to their needs and stipulate in the contract.