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Reasonable debugging of commercial concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/09/30

     Commercial concrete mixing plant is widely used in commercial concrete, pipe piles, components, hydraulic, marine and other concrete mixing places, and designed and manufactured according to different technical requirements and actual needs. Commercial concrete mixing plant is a machine which mixes cement, sand aggregate and water to make concrete mixture. The commissioning of commercial concrete mixing plant is very important in the use of concrete mixing equipment, which directly affects the normal operation of batching plant.

    1, the installation of the supporting facilities of the batch plant should be cautious and reasonable.

    Power supply voltage: the extra voltage is 380 volts, error is (+) 10%; whether the connection between the motor and the electrical components is reliable or not, the distribution box shell must be firmly grounded. It is necessary to transfer the zero power supply line to the junction plate N in the distribution box. All the pipes should be properly arranged so as to prevent the breakdown of the power supply line during operation.

    2, the components of the concrete batch plant should be regularly maintained.

    Regular inspection of concrete batch plant reducers and smooth parts of the oil is enough; to regularly check the start of the forced mixer and motor, two half axis rotation direction should be common with the direction indicated by the sign, if the direction is not correct, should change the power wiring.