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The composition and operation of concrete batching plant electric control system

Writer:Admin   Time:18/09/29

     In general construction engineering, the electrical control system of concrete batching plant is composed of computer host, display, printer, communication cable and so on.

    The advantages of the electric control system of concrete batching plants are:

    1, operation and management in one, simple and convenient operation.

    2, batching system adopts microcomputer centralized control.

    3, the operation data of batching plant can be kept for more than 10 years, so that it is easy to set up management.

    4, the formula can be expressed in numbers, which is convenient for users to identify, and the formula can reach dozens.

    5. In the absence of automatic control, the manual operating system can still complete the control of the concrete mixing plant, such as batching, mixing, unloading and so on.

    6. The strong current and weak current parts of the system are integrated to simplify installation and maintenance.