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The installation steps of trailer concrete pump

Writer:Admin   Time:18/09/28

     When concrete pumps are installed, the source of concrete should first be taken into account. If the finished concrete is supplied by a concrete mixer truck, the conveying wear-resistant pump pipe can be installed locally, as long as it is convenient to take over the pipe and feed it. If the site mixing concrete, to determine the location of the fine stone concrete pump according to the site and feeding methods and mixer unloading height

    The installation steps of trailer concrete pump:.

    1. Place the concrete pump on the solid cement ground or on the stone pier to keep the balance, and lock the positioning pin and the safety pin of the four legs of the pump concrete to make the tire out of the ground.

    2. Make a chute according to the outlet of the mixer and the hopper of the wear-resistant pump pipe machine, so that the material discharged by the mixer enters the hopper of the pump machine through the chute.

    3, chute commonly used angle steel as skeleton, welded by 1.5mm thick steel plate. The bottom of the chute is supported by support to make it strong.

    4. In general environment, the hopper of wear-resistant pump pipe machine needs to be increased by about 20 cm, so as to increase the hopper volume to ensure that the concrete will not flow out. Because the forced mixing and unloading of the machine are best discharged at once, the concrete flowing into the hopper is more symmetrical. If discharged in stages, the final concrete stones are too many, for pumping backward, especially when the slump of concrete is large, more attention should be paid to, so that the hopper of the pump machine to increase. If it is a large volume mixer, a storage hopper can be made in advance to ensure continuous feeding.

    5. In the placement of the trailer concrete pump chute, the inclination is required to be appropriate. The inclined view is most fortunate to be between 25 and 40 degrees, and the drop should not be too large.

    6. When the hopper of chute pump is connected, the chute and hopper should have certain space for cleaning hopper and sieve.

    7. After the device is in place, look through the whole body to ensure that the cover door of the conveying wear-resistant pump pipe is switched freely and easy to maintain and operate.