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Why the belt type of batch plant is often damaged

Writer:Admin   Time:18/12/27

     If the operation of batch plant is improper and the installation of belt type is incorrect, the belt will be damaged. If it goes on for a long time, it will accelerate the aging of the belt. This will undoubtedly affect the production efficiency and increase the cost of concrete batching plant. So what is a good way to avoid this phenomenon? The answer is yes. We are the professional batching plant manufacturer with rich production experience. Now we share the method with you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

    Fault phenomenon: After using batching plant for a period of time, degumming, cracking, scratching and other phenomena appear on the surface of the belt.

    Reason analysis: If the metal belt sweeper is not adjusted in time, it is easy to damage the belt and cause rubber shedding on the surface of the belt. The sweeper is not installed correctly, and the more sharp gravel clips between the sweepers will damage the belt. The belt itself is not good in quality, and is prone to the above defects.

    Processing: Once the belt degumming, cracking, scratches and other defects, should be repaired in time. When the belt is damaged, the factors causing the belt damage should be solved first. If the sweeper is damaged, the sweeper should be adjusted or replaced immediately, and then the belt should be repaired in time. Belt damage is very small, can be repaired with belt repair glue on site. When the damage surface of the belt is large or the local damage is serious, the local damaged belt can be removed, replaced with a belt, and cemented with a vulcanizer. If the belt damage is not dealt with in time, when the damage spreads to the whole belt, it has no repair value and can only be replaced.