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What will happen to the concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/12/27

     To understand the concrete mixing plant, first of all, we need to know the main engine model and batching machine model of the concrete batching plant.

    Concrete mixing plant is also known as HZS series concrete batching plant. The production of HZS series concrete batching plant is determined by the type of concrete batching plant. The type of concrete batching plant is determined by the type of main machine .

    HZS series large concrete batching plants refers to: HZS120 concrete batching plant, HZS180 concrete batching plantand HZS240 concrete batching plant.

    HZS240 concrete batching plant is the largest type of HZS series concrete batching plant. The main features of HZS180 stationary concrete batching plant and HZS240: advanced control system, the smallest mixing control instrument in the world at present, accurate and stable mixing, advanced calculation method and effective error control; fault diagnosis system, which can guide and help users troubleshooting, and can call any formula at any time.

    If your batch plant encounters the following faults, be sure to shut down and repair, replace the main external parts or remove the body to replace the important internal parts.

    1. The mixing motor burns out.

    2. The shovel arm of the forced concrete mixer is broken.

    3. Damage of bearing of concrete mixing station causes seal failure.

    4. Damage of gear axle of transmission system of mixing and lifting mechanism in concrete mixing station;

    5. Belt breakage of belt conveyor in concrete mixing station;

    6. The chain belt of bucket elevator is broken.

    7. The broken wire rope of hopper hoisting mechanism causes the hopper rail to be jammed and the feeder frame to be seriously deformed and damaged.

    8. Excessive noise and dust concentration;

    9. Instruction failure of computer control system. The movement is disordered, and important electronic components need to be replaced.