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Sewage discharge method of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/12/29

     Some industrial wastewater will be discharged from the concrete mixing plant during the production process. If discharged randomly, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment, and may cause pollution to the surrounding water sources, affecting the water use problem of nearby residents. Therefore, the treatment of wastewater discharged from construction cement batching plant should also be in accordance with certain requirements.

    1. Wastewater, waste oil and domestic sewage from the construction cement concrete batching plant shall not be directly discharged into rivers, lakes or other waters, nor into the land near drinking water. According to the site conditions of concrete mixing station, reasonable layout should be made, wastewater sedimentation tank and car wash tank should be built, drainage system should be laid out, obvious labels should be set up, and reasonable filters with three or more levels should be set up to discharge wastewater. The sewage discharge plan needs to be planned and designed, and a multi-stage sedimentation tank is set up to meet the discharge standard through sedimentation and filtration. Toilet sewage enters septic tank through centralized and independent pipes and is closed for treatment.
    2. Set up a large-scale garbage storage tank in the living area and office production area of stationary concrete batching plant, and store all kinds of garbage centrally. The refuse treatment pond is usually made of bricks with a volume of not less than 4 m x 3 m x 1.5 m. In cooperation with the local environmental protection department, the construction waste left after production will be disposed of by the local environmental protection department. The ground should be regularly sprinkled with water, such as in hot summer weather should be sprinkled every day, dust and cooling, to maximize the coverage of dust sources.

    3. After the batch plant operation of each concrete mixing station is completed, the machines and tools should be cleaned in time, and the site should be cleaned up so as to make the site clean and tidy.

    4. Vehicles, equipment flushing facilities, drainage ditches and sedimentation tanks should be set up according to needs. After the construction sewage treatment reaches the standard, it can be discharged into municipal sewage pipe network or rivers.