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Can the concrete mixing plant run continuously for 24 hours

Writer:Admin   Time:18/10/28

     In theory, concrete mixing plant equipment as long as the relevant standards can be 24 hours of continuous operation, but do not recommend excessive consumption of our batching plant equipment. We feel tired after working for eight hours a day, and the machine is the same. It also needs regular rest.

    But is it reasonable for some projects to expect the concrete mixing plant equipment to work 24 hours continuously because of the rush time? Want to know whether the large concrete batching plant such as HZS180 can work 24 hours continuously, it depends on whether the configuration meets the relevant standards?

    1. Specialized powder feeder with large orifice inclined cone and large orifice screw, avoiding the appearance that impeller feeder is easily blocked by damp.

    2. Widening aggregate bucket. It can be directly loaded on type 50 loader, so it is not easy to mix.

    3. Choose pressure signal and speed signal to measure together or pure speed signal to measure, the operation of commercial concrete mixing plant is simple and easy to repair, not to affect production.

    4, frequency converter speed regulation, smooth and reliable operation, reduce shortcomings, advance working power.

    5, the whole microcomputer control system, the system needs to have shutdown, boot process processing and status check function.

    6. Commercial concrete mixing plant should have a single motor drive reducer, to be able to withstand shock and vibration, anti-overload capacity to be strong.

    If the commercial concrete mixing plant wants to work continuously for 24 hours, it must have the characteristics of accurate measurement, high reliability, uniform mixing, convenient operation, good environmental protection, high output power and so on.