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Maintenance period of cement batching plant equipment

Writer:Admin   Time:18/10/31

     Maintenance period of cement batching plant equipment
    Because of the batching plant working environment, cement batching plant equipment is easy to rust or damage. It is necessary to maintain the batching plant equipment regularly. How do concrete mixing plants carry out periodic maintenance?

    1. check with the cement batching plant equipment every time.

    (1) Check whether the air compressor self-protection device in the batch plant is reliable, whether the air pressure is stable, check whether the water pump is enough, whether the pipeline is unobstructed;

    2. Whether the opening and closing of Doumen, cement Doumen, intermediate aggregate Doumen and discharge gate are flexible and reliable.
    (3) Check whether the connecting bolts of the blades of the main concrete mixer are firm; Check whether the electrical devices are safe and reliable; Check whether the action switches of the limit switches are flexible and reliable.
    Check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the emergency gearbox at each lubrication point.
    2. maintenance after working
    First, clean up the material inside and outside the concrete mixer, and collect and clean the material on the door.
    (2) add lubricating points to each lubricating point, especially at the end of the shaft.
    3. In winter, liquid should be placed in the clean water, and the gas and water in the storage tank of the air compressor should be exhausted.
    4. After shutdown, all switches are in a non working state and cut off the power supply.
    3. weekly check and maintenance
    1. Check the condensation of residual concrete in the mixing tank; if there is condensation, stop the machine and remove it.
    Check the gap between mixing blade and liner, if not suitable for adjustment.
    Check whether the gas path system is leaking or not, and whether the cylinder action is reliable.
    Check the quality and level of lubricating oil in the gearbox, and add or replace it if necessary.
    Check whether the water suction valve in the water supply system is reliable.
    Check whether the electrical components are damaged, if necessary repair or replacement, check whether the wiring is loose;
    To open the silt and check the sealing condition of the shaft end, screw in the silt plug without exception.
    4. four weeks inspection and maintenance
    Check the tension of the belt of the concrete batching plant and make proper adjustment.
    Second, check the wear of the blade and liner.
    (3) Check whether the connecting bolts of the upper and lower racks, silos, large inclined belt conveyors and other components are firm, and whether the foundation is sinking;
    Check whether there are caking and sundries in the screw conveyor, if any, remove them.
    5. check and maintain the concrete mixing station every year.
    In addition to checking 1, 2, 3 and 4 items, the batching plant equipment should also be checked, maintained and replaced in an all-round way.